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Loess Hills Harley-Davidson Horsepower Headquarters

LHH-D Horsepower Headquarters


Loess Hills Harley-Davidson Horsepower Headquarters

At the next red light you’re sitting at, wedged between that SUV and the luxury sedan with the windows up and sealed to keep the noise down, take your right hand off the twist grip. Grab the tips of your glove with your front teeth. Taste and smell the miles in the leather. Turn your hand palm up. Look at your fingers, look at the prints, not a one the same, hills and valleys telling the story of a life well lived. Yours different than the friend you're sharing this ride with and certainly different than the driver of the cages you’re wedged between. Why on earth would you want the same motorcycle as anyone else in this brother and sisterhood of people who live to ride? Your story is different, your miles, your pain, your joy, your ride as individual as those very fingers. Shouldn’t your bike be as well.

This is our mission, our driving force, our ethos. Loess Hills Harley-Davidson is here to provide you with the exact motorcycle you’ve always deserved. Our facility, knowledge, skills, and family are as individual as your story, let us prove it to you. From aesthetic customization, fit specialization all the way to race winning performance horsepower and torque, like you, we won’t quit until the job is done and done right. To understand what we can do for you, you must first know who will be doing it for you.

With over sixty years of in-dealership experience we have the very best technicians whose boots have ever graced a concrete floor. We are ready for your baby. We have every Harley-Davidson Bosch made essential tool, a state of the art Dynamometer and enough knowledge to teach Willie G himself a thing or two. We can take that world famous Harley-Davidson final drive system, with its lack of parasitic drag, wring every bit of torque and horsepower out of that mainshaft and right hand as you can stand….maybe even a bit more.


Let’s get to know your personal wrecking crew of Big Horsepower Gurus. The very people that will help transfer that grip twist to burning rubber, lifted front ends, and put your heart in your throat. They live for the stuff.

Casey Walker, Service & Parts Manager, LHH-D

Casey Walker at Loess Hills Harley-Davidson

Casey Walker, our Parts and Service Manager, will be the curator of your passion project. Coming to work for his uncle at Walker Harley-Davidson in 2007, Casey is the leader- giving unwavering direction to our Horsepower Headquarters. It seems leaders can be born or made in his case, he has been surrounded by performance motorcycles and drag racing since he could walk. He will treat your bike and your build as his own, if not a bit better. After all these years he knows what it takes to get it done.

Doug O’Neal, Master Technician & Dyno Tuner, LHH-D

Master Technician “Dyno” Doug O’Neal has been a staple in this Service Department for fifteen years. Although he knows where a drain plug is he didn’t get the name Dyno Doug because of his oil changing abilities. Doug has national credibility for his ability for building race-inspired performance motorcycles and getting them to run to the very top of their potential by ringing out every bit of power in every throttle position and load characteristic on our Dynamometer. When he’s not building bikes for the track and street, Doug is helping his wife Amanda get around the tracks in the NASCAR-sanctioned dirt super late model in the Malvern Bank Series. He builds her motor and Amanda puts the foot to the floor and slides it sideways. They race all over the Midwest.

Doug O'Neal at Loess Hills Harley-DavidsonAmanda's Malvern Bank Series car

Bruce Hellwig, Master Technician, LHH-D

Bruce Hellwig at Loess Hills Harley-DavidsonBruce's Racing Sportster

Bruce Hellwig is our other Master Technician and has been going strong for thirty-six years. Bruce’s commitment to safety and productivity is uncompromising. He spends his free time watching heat waves rise off of the black top pursuing his passion, drag racing. Bruce has been clocked at 5.88 in 1/8 mile on his Harley-Davidson Sportster that he built (pictured) in the NHRA Summit Racing Series.
When we talk about race-inspired builds, it’s not just smoke and mirrors...Well, some smoke. No masks needed, we live and breathe this stuff.

Ray Croghan, Owner

Ray Croghan

Have you ever pulled up to a shop and your heart sank when you saw the owner jump into a luxury car when the riding weather is perfect? Yeah, that doesn’t happen here. Ray Croghan has ridden all over the world, his wheels have been turned and earned in over 30 countries. If you know what’s what, you'll ask us for Ray’s trade-in every year. Next year you might end up with the 2020 FLHTK with a Loess Hills built 131 Cubic Inch Milwaukee Eight. It’s nice to know it’s not just a business for us, isn’t it?

Custom King Competition

LHH-D Custom Street 500 Jackpot

Okay, we have been humble, we know. You see it’s not just performance, that would be a Whole Lotta Rosie. We can make it go too fast to see and look great when you have to stop. We want your bike to turn the flywheel and turn heads. We have the unique distinction of being world renowned for our customization. Edging out Harley-Davidson dealerships from around the globe in bike building competitions like the 2015 Battle of the Kings. We were held to strict budgets and other demanding constraints to build our submission, based off of a Street 500, “Jackpot”. This amazing build solidified itself as the Grand Final Runner Up. Customization is in our DNA. If there was a crime scene and the police didn’t find any customization we would be free and clear.


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