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Dyno Tuning

Tune Your Ride For Performance and Driveablity at .

 is always pushing to provide our customers with new and innovative ways to get the most out of their motorcycles and ultimately the most out of the Harley-Davidson® experience.

 offers in-house motorcycle tuning. The DynoJet Dynamometer has been a popular option for many in the area.

What Is A Dynamometer? A Dynamometer or “Dyno” is a diagnostic tool used to simultaneously measure the rear-wheel horsepower, torque, speed and RPM of any motorcycle. Service technicians then adjust the fuel mixture and timing for optimum performance.

What Are The Benefits? A top-notch experience, for one. Achieving maximum power and efficiency and a noticeable difference in throttle response and gain. Plus, knowing your pre- and post-dyno numbers leaves no questions unanswered. You know you are getting the utmost performance out of your motorcycle.

It only takes an hour to find out your bike’s current horsepower and torque numbers and if you want to go all the way and have your bike tuned to improve its power and your ride, we can make it happen. Just give us a call at . Or contact our Service Department.


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